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Boner Bears Sex Chocolate

16 $
Boner Bear’s exclusive blend, crafted by master chocolatiers, combines organic elements into a luxurious 60% cacao chocolate bar, segmented into

Exodus Amanita Chocolate Bars (1,500mg)

25 $
Exodus has entered the market with a giant bang with all of they’re hemp-derived products. Now they have decided to

ilum Male Enhancement Sex Chocolate

Experience enhanced pleasure with our ilum’s Sex Chocolate. Inspired by the classic Cookies and Cream flavor, Sex N’ Scream offers

Mmelt Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar (6g)

35 $
Embark on a delectable journey with Mmelt Mushroom Chocolate, a unique fusion of rich, velvety chocolate and the goodness of

Polk a Dot x URB Mushroom Chocolate Bar (10,000mg)

30 $
Experience the perfect blend of flavor and wellness with Polk A Dot x URB Mushroom Chocolate Bar. Each 2.1 oz

Silly Farms Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar

28 $
Introducing Silly Farm’s Magic Mushroom Chocolate Collection, infused with Amanita Muscaria extract for a unique, sensory experience. This extract adds